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The benefits of Omega-3 Fish Oil are vast. From supporting skin health as we age, a natural hydrator and texture improver and a hair strengthening solution, replenishing your body with essential fatty acids (EFA’s) is crucial for skin health and function.

as the skin is our body’s largest organ it is often the first place we can notice a deficiency in essential in EFA’s. A large contributor to a number of cell processes, including transporting nutrients, EFA’s reside in the membrane that surround our skin’s cells. Able to regulate inflammation, retain moisture, promote cell turnover, even skin tone and protect us from free radical damage, replenishing our body with EFA’s is a results-driven approach to exceptional skin health.

Those who don’t eat fish regularly or take quality fish oil supplements are highly likely to have EFA deficiency and experience problematic skin such as dry skin, inflammation, premature ageing, uneven skin tone and acne.

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