Vital-sol supports our ethos that long term skin heal begins from within.

Formulated by Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Fiona Tuck, Vita-sol is designed to support specific skin concerns and conditions from within to work in synergy with your professionally prescribed treatments and skincare.

Gluten-free, vegan and Fodmap friendly, Vita-sol wholefood supplements utilise organic ingredients wherever possible and practice honest, evidence-based nutritional advice.

All Vita-sol supplements are free of synthetic ingredients, artificial sweeteners, chemical pesticides and mass production processes.

Infinity Wholefood Powder

An antioxidant-rich blend based on the science of nutrigenomics.
Our Infinity Wholefood Powder offers antioxidant protection and is a must have to manage sun damage, pigmentation, rosacea and collagen loss.

Flexibility Wholefood Powder

A warming spice blend committed to strengthening wound healing process and bone structure. Flexibility provides nutritional support to brittle or breaking nails, thinning or damaged hair, dry scalps, poor wound healing, collagen loss and dry skin.

Purity Wholefood Powder

Designed to support a healthy liver and improve gut bacteria, Purity is a blend of rich prebiotic greens.
Proven to support hormonal imbalances, oily hair, bloating and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, Purity is the ultimate cleansing powerhouse.

Collagen Boost

100% pure marine collagen peptides, wild caught from the pristine Arctic and North Atlantic seas.
Unflavoured and easy to add into your drink of choice (including other Vita-sol Wholefood Powders), Collagen Boost is your daily boost in skin elasticity, hydration and age management.

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