Manicure & Pedicure

 Give your hands and feet the ultimate ‘wow’ factor, with a stunning manicure or pedicure treatment at Gorgeous Skin and Beauty.

Choose from a simple shape and buff or a full Deluxe Manicure or Pedicure – all carried out to the highest hygiene standards set out by the Department of Health.

And for long-lasting colour and glorious shine, why not go for an Extended-Wear Colour Gloss Gel (Shellac) treatment that can lasts up to 21 days.

We use OPI, Zoya, Artistic Colour Gloss Gel, IBD, Gelish Colour.

    Manicure & Pedicure

    Express Manicure -No Polish |45 mins / $40

    Deluxe Manicure | 60 mins / $55

    Express Pedicure |45 mins / $55

    Express Pedicure -No Polish |45 mins / $45

    Pedicure -No Polish |45 mins / $55

    Deluxe Pedicure | 60 mins / $70

    French Polish | Extra / $10


    Extended Wear Gel Polish (Shellac)


    Gel polish has a beautiful natural appearance and provides strong protection for your nails. The colour application can give you up to 21 days of glorious high-gloss shine.

    Manicure / $55

    French polish | extra / $10

    Removal of gel polish and nail shape / $40

    Extra $10 for removal with gel manicure/pedicure



    IBX by Famous Nails- Nail Strengthening System


    IBX Manicure No Polish / $55 

    IBX Weekly Treatment after initial manicure-No Polish / $30

    IBX Colour Gloss Gel Manicure / $60

    Add IBX to any service extra $10


    The IBX Treatment


    IBX is a two part nail strengthening system. 

    Phase one- IBX REPAIR treats particularly weak, thin, and damaged nails. It is an intense nail treatment used to improve the nail plate, targeting natural nail imperfections and weaknesses that prevent natural nails from growing and is used to improve nail plate integrity under Extended Wear Colour Gloss Gels ( Shellac).   IBX REPAIR acts like double -sided sticky tape to seal damaged areas together. IBX REPAIR is warmed under a 40W light and then cured under a LED light.

    Phase two- IBX is the workhorse of the nail strengthening System. It toughens the nail plate by fusing together the upper layers, providing strength and protection. A full coat is applied, whether for Gel Polish protection or to grow natural nails and is cured with an LED light


    IBX by Famous Names


    IBX Treatment Options



    • Damaged and very thin nails
    • Delaminated and peeling free edges
    • Severely ridged and brittle nails
    • After enhancement removal

    Every Two Weeks

    •  Nails that are on the road to recovery
    • Difficulty with nail growth
    • Heavily grooved nails

    Every Three Weeks

    • Maintenance to keep nails in good condition
    • Enhance polish wear
    • Beautiful nails with no polish



    by appointment only

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